IM Mastery Academy DCX

DCX academy

Equip yourself with the training to take advantage of the digital currency markets - one of the largest financial markets growing to $1 trillion USD. What makes this market unique is that it operates 24/7 and is becoming the new way stores and merchants do business. Learnhow this market works, what the different types of digital currencies are and how to build a solid working knowledge of how to use digital currencies safely on a daily basis.

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IM Mastery Academy FRX

FRX academy

This academy teaches you how to make the most of foreign exchange, a $5.3 trillion dollar a day industry. You will learn to interpret the different currency movements and the different types of chart analysis. You will also make your own how foreign markets work and learn different strategies to enter into transactions in the forex market.

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IM Mastery Academy TBX

TBX academy

TBX is the academy that gives confidence in mastering the fast-paced, high-frequency markets consisting of various currencies, indices, bonds, metals and stocks.

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IM Mastery Academy ECX

ECX academy

ECX Academy is made for everyone. From someone completely new to e-Commerce to someone who has had an online shop for years. We teach you how to take advantage of the $9 trillion (USD) e-commerce market.

Once inside ECX Academy, you will create a store and find and sell popular viral products without the need for inventory. You will also learn how to place highly effective ads on Facebook and Instagram, analyze your growth and scale your business consistently.

A global shift is taking place as more consumers and merchants conduct their purchases and business online, and this trend will continue over the next decade.

The best thing about the academy is our daily training with GoLive.

Here we help you daily, in multiple languages and with the help of multiple world-class teachers at different times of the day, 7 days a week.

Imagine having a team of personal mentors available daily to help you succeed.

Join the ECX family and learn how to capitalize on the passions of others to fund your business.

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IMpowered academy - with this exclusive cost-saving academy, you can easily create two FRX-, DCX-, TBX-, ECX-, SFX- and TLX


Welcome IMpowered, the best way to save if you don't know which academy to start learning with. with this exclusive cost saving option you can easily select two FRX-, DCX-, TBX-, ECX-, SFX- and TLX-academies at the lowest possible rate. try it today and discover why it is one of the most popular academies to join.

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TLX Travel & Lifestyle Experience

TLX is an exclusive membership on "travel & lifestyle" that gives you bigger discounts at luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, events and festivals.

The TLX booking website is based on a monthly recurring subscription. This TLX subscription allows you to book 4-5 star luxury accommodations. The average discount is much higher than the well-known booking portals. Travel discounts go up to 60%.

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IBO be for IM Mastery Academy

Sign up as self-employed and start your own business. The pack alone does not entitle you to attend an academy. This is designed to generate an income from commission that comes from bringing in new students.

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