Does the Online IM Mastery Academy provide value for money?

Online Crypto trading | DCX Academy

Yes, thanks to the guidance of our passionate coaches. The education of from our online education partner is available in +10 different languages. The English education has the most educators. This makes sense, since everything about trading is mainly in English. You can follow live trading analysis by very experienced traders. You do this during a live analysis with other students and where you can ask questions via chat. Each session is recorded so you can follow it immediately after or at a later time. There are specially recorded educational videos that go deeper into every aspect of trading. In addition, the crypto academy has a whole range of strategies and tools that can help you make your analysis and your decision to enter a trade.

You can start the online education on a monthly subscription basis.
You can take advantage of a "7d money back guarantee" if it is not for you and otherwise you can cancel monthly.