Is IM Mastery Academy a scam or pyramid system.

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The answer in short and sweet! No! IM Mastery Academy is NOT a Pyramid or a scam!

Let me clarify why:

1. What is a pyramid system ( see wikipedia )

A pyramid game or pyramid system is a game where participants make a deposit and also try to persuade others to join, after which the new entrants' deposits are paid out as prize money to existing participants. Payouts depend on the number of newcomers recruited (by the participant). There is no activity underlying the receipt of this prize money other than recruiting new entrants. Variants are ponzi schemes and matrices. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries.

Method of operating pyramid schemes

The deposits usually range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. The deposits of those who are recruited accrue to those above them in the pyramid. To also receive a share of the deposits from others, one must be high in the pyramid and thus already have a large number of participants "below" them. The temptation to join is great, as winnings of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros are promised.
In special meetings where players report on the winnings they have achieved, new participants are persuaded to also sign a participation agreement and deposit money. The biggest winners are always the organizers high at the top of the pyramid. Therefore, how the game really works is known only to a limited number of people. There are usually fines or other reprisals if anyone blabs out.

2. Why is IM Mastery Academy not a pyramid?

  1. It is an educational platform where you can follow All academies of IM Mastery Academy ( Trading in Forex, stocks or crypto. Learning how to set up an e-commerce website or learning how to become an influencer on social media. And even mindset academies )
  2. Just like any online service or product you buy, you have a money back guarantee. In the case of IM Mastery Academy, you have 7d to change your mind. so if it's not for you, you can just quit.
  3. The academies, live trading sessions and tools provided are of very high quality.
  4. You can simply stop your education every month. you get an email 3 days before expiration that your subscription is going to be renewed. a simple mouse click and you are stopped.
  5. IM academy works on the basis of network marketing and this is completely non-committal for each participant. So this means that IM Mastery Academy does not put money into advertising but rather pays a commission to the members who voluntarily choose to share the vision and value of IM Mastery Academy's products/academies. It is also true that you do not get a commission for every person you have shown the academy to and want to start their own.
  6. It works the same way as an insurance agency. Each insurance broker promotes and guides his clients in choosing the best insurance policy for his client. The insurance broker is then paid a commission each year by the insurance company according to the volume of his portfolio. Just the same thing happens in IM. You only get a commission when you have introduced 3 people, then you have to introduce 12 in order for your commission to increase, etc. The same is for example with a sales representative, the more he sells, the more commission. So you really have to make an effort and give extra value to students while guiding them in their learning journey before you start earning anything.
  7. Everything is voluntary. Do you want to learn just for yourself, all fine. Would you like to be 2 for free or rather promote with a referral link and guide the new student in their learning, it's all optional. (Yes, because you put in a lot of time, there are a lot of responsibilities) The teaching itself is only through the platform and the "educators".
  8. Huge attention is given to safety, risk management and personal growth of each person.
  9. You get daily live value, Monthly there are events with the whole community. And 2 yearly there is a convention where +8500 people are immersed in trading and mindset value for 3 days.
  10. IM Mastery Academy exists more than 9y. Could they exist for so long, holding conventions in different countries? What is true is that before they had little offer , they started small and did not have much to offer in the beginning. This is totally different now.

3. So why am I reading so much negativity? Here are some of my findings.

Yes I was skeptical at first too. Have been reading them all one by one. I was first for 1.5 years just learning before I started to share value myself.
Just search Ferarri in google. You come across mostly negative posts. 1. People don't take time to write down anything positive, however, negative things. 2. Tall trees catch a lot of wind.

My findings:

  • Posts where people talk about pyramid or scam. Most of them are without any explanation as to why and in 3 out of 10 every so many lines there stare advertising from another platform. Anyone who is a little familiar with SEO knows that this is simply a form of advertising.
  • Tall trees catch a lot of wind! IM Mastery Academy is the largest online academy worldwide (+400,000 students) and far ahead of all other academies. So others benefit from writing as much negative about it as possible. Still, it's punishing that most of the reviews that are negative are signed by a pseudonym instead of the real name of the person who wrote them. People who are in the academy, on the other hand, do not hide behind nicknames.
  • Then I also read something about minor???? You can only subscribe to the subscription if you have a credit card. Someone who is -18y cannot obtain a credit card, THUS ... either you signed up with your parents' CC and lied that you are over 18y. Either the article lied.
  • Scam? What is the problem... and I have experienced this myself. My instagram profile has been mimicked twice already. These malafiede persons are going to contact that my followers and say that they will trade for example ( so me ) if I get money and then double it for them. Hello, ... if you still believe that in today's age of internet fraud? The same thing happens with the fake profiles made of educators in the academy. Know that no one from the entire academy contacts the students. This is also clearly communicated. I myself had to ask instagram (with screenshots, my ID etc.) 4 times to have my fake profile removed, after 3 weeks they finally did it when I threatened to go to the police.
  • Lost money? Risk management, security of your account, risk mindset and greed are stressed every time. If you lose money it's because you either didn't apply risk management it, started trading with too much, or switched to a live trading account too early.
  • Fake websites! There are lots of fake or rogue websites pretending to be IM. Make sure you use the right official IM Website through an official and accredited IM Mastery Academy IBO. That is the safest way to get started in a good way.
  • Only young people? Another myth! I'm +50 myself, and in my team, 30% are over 30. What is, my peers are all not so along with modern internet technologies and do not trust this easily and call it a scam or bubble... "Unheard is unloved". Young people are with the times and want and can still decide to learn additional skills if they want. The same money if they would like to earn extra money online without making an investment. All it costs them is a $24.95/month subscription to officially be an IBO. Look at Forever Living Products. there you must have sold or purchased +€400 worth of products before you can enjoy a 30% commission on all subsequent sales. Forever Living is one of the largest online network marketing companies in the world and exists

Other than that, I leave it entirely up to you. I would say... Contact me via the website and ask behind a demo of the IM Mastery Academy.