My personal review of IM Mastery Academy

IM Academy
I am a member myself and in this IM Academy Review I am going to tell you my experience about IM.

What is the vision of IM Academy?

When this company was founded in 2013 by CEO Christopher Terry, who himself has made tens of millions from trading, there was one clear vision behind it: to teach the skill of "trading" to its members to create more freedom, success and financial security while forming a close-knit community. In this community, everyone would help each other to eventually develop themselves to become the person they wanted to become in order to achieve goals.
The formation of this close-knit community has evolved tremendously in recent years, as IM Academy currently has nearly +400,000 members around the world (+60 countries). In the Netherlands and Belgium and another 22 countries there are +8000 and that number keeps rising! Unfortunately, they did not reach the goal they had in mind. IM Academy wanted to have over 1 million active members by 2020. Personally, I am convinced they will have achieved this within the next 2 years as I think very highly of the potential of IM and have been taking the DCX course there myself for some time.

What can you learn in IM Academy?

IM Academy puts the focus itself on 1 thing, which is learning how to trade the financial markets. Specifically, the Forex market, Crypto market and the stock (stock) market. This through Video trainings, live sessions, recorded sessions and help scanners.

The course of IM Academy

When you sign up, you get access to different parts of the online education platform. For example, they have a course that consists of 4 types of levels, the 100-, 200-, 300- and 400-series. Starting with the basics (100-series) and ending with advanced techniques (400-series) that you can use to realize an online income in the financial market.
The crown jewel and the core of this platform that everyone can access and where you really start to master trading is called "GoLive. This can be compared to Twitch, a live streaming service, where you can follow streamers doing all kinds of things. At GoLive no games are streamed, but here you can watch the top of the trading world, the crème de la crème, live. These top traders will teach you their strategies and all the ins and outs you need to watch out for when you start trading on the Financial Market with your own money.

Large selection

GoLive has more than 200 full-time educators in as many as 16 different languages! So there is always someone live that you can go and watch when you want. Besides the fact that they have so many different educators in different languages, there is also a difference in the strategies they teach. You have educators who trade with the strategy: ECC11, SmartMoney, Price Trapping and many others.
The nice thing about such a wide range of strategies and courses is that there is one for every lifestyle that suits you. After all, some people are extremely busy and cannot sit behind the charts and do their analysis very often. For this group of traders Delorean is a very good strategy, because you can start placing a trade on the basis of 4 simple 'yes/no' questions and therefore do not need a lot of time.
If you don't have time at the time when one of your favorite educators is live, you don't have to worry about missing out on knowledge. Every GoLive session is recorded and stored in a huge database. So you can look back at an important session of each educator if you don't understand something, or if you couldn't be there. In addition, each educator can mark "favorite sessions" if they covered a super important topic that will benefit everyone. DIM Academy currently has so many members that there are incredibly diverse teams

IM Academy Teams and Community

Obviously, there are many teams.
We are called "Crypto Wonderland" and have about 70 active members who are all working very hard to achieve their goals. Together with IC (Innovators club) we form a group of almost 1250 members, mainly students (young and old) from Belgium and the Netherlands. But also members from all over the world. We are personally guided by several mentors who hold coaching, mindset and trading calls on an almost daily basis. Besides these great calls, which are mostly done via ZOOM, there is also a Discord server with a large number of chats which all have a different subject. For example, there are chat rooms for courses and rooms where you can just socialize with your teammates. We are not only a community of people following the study but we are however a close family as you will see in the videos I post here as well. IM academy however does 2 yearly a big event ( we are talking about at least 7500 people attending these conventions ) By the way, in March there is a convention in the Ahoy in Rotterdam where we can expect +10,000 members.
Reviews on google. Indeed... High trees catch a lot of wind. 66% are wildly enthusiastic and the rest give the course all kinds of names ( I have researched these reviews myself, and I know how most of them originated). I am not denying that there may have been team leaders who left their people to their own devices or focused more on other things. ) In many negative reviews, they spin the pot a bit while actually advertising other streams of income throughout the text. ( Good SEO strategy of course ). Then you have people claiming to have given money to team members or educators to then have them trade for them. Know that these are fake profiles, especially on instagram. Because it is against all Academy rules to do this. I myself have also been a victim of a copycat who approached people I knew through a perfectly mimicked Instagram profile. Fortunately, some asked me directly if it was me which allowed me to take immediate action. I read something about a minor myself. Hmmm. You can only sign up with a credit card. As far as I know, you have to be 18 before you can have one. .... The course is so strict that the slightest violation of their policy gets you expelled from the course as a mentor.
Know that the main focus of the course is on "Risk Management" . Starting and handling your trading and/or investment wisely and prudently. The course also has no connection to your financial accounts. It is an online educational platform that promotes their products through network marketing and you can quit anytime.
Because there is such a wide range of coaching and team building, it is almost impossible to fail within our IM Mastery Academy team. Of course, this is entirely up to you. If you would like to become successful and have more freedom in your life, this will not come naturally, but it will be made easier for you.
These forms of personal coaching can vary tremendously from team to team. So in my opinion, with our Belgian/Dutch team we really excel. We can help people in French, English and Dutch.

What does IM Academy cost?

If you just, like Basic Fit Fitness, put 2 people on, your chosen course is free.
What you should also know is that you have 7 days of "money back" reflection time and you can cancel monthly with a simple click of a button if the course is not for you.
Be sure to check out the TLX travel & lifesyle package ! Highly recommended if you travel a lot. (Watch the video or ask for a demo)
But there is now also IMPowered
Here you can take 2 courses of your choice at the same time.
You can always switch these with another course.
The first month you pay $274.95 and it renews at $249.95
By the way if you combine this package with TLX you actually pay 1 course at $175/month and $900 annually for TLX , but you get a trip worth $2000 annually (and increasing according to the years you have this package )
If you would like to start I will become your personal mentor who will guide you along with other mentors to get the best out of IM. We do not educate but rather guide and introduce you to the community/family.
If you would like to attend a no-obligation demo or homemeeting, simply contact.
Be sure to check out the videos and additional explanations of the packages on this page.