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What is TBX ACADEMY - Time Based Trading

welcome to TBX academy! TBX refers to time-based trading with a focus on short-term scalping.

So what is scalping? Scalping refers to short-term trades that typically last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Who is this really for? If you like acting fast and waiting is not your style, TBX is for you.

So, where to learn? Students can learn directly at - where they receive daily live analysis and teaching sessions. With more than 15 instructors, multiple languages and 24/7 access, the TBX goLIVE channel is the place for you.

So how to get started? Current HFX customers get automatic access to the TBX Academy. And non-HFX customers can access TBX in the back office under "shopping cart.

Welcome to the fast-paced world of time-based trading. Welcome to the TBX academy from IM Mastery Academy Try it now

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What is ECX ACADEMY - E-Commerce - Dropshipping

In this video, you will learn about the ECX academy and the education it offers.

Have you ever bought anything online? Chances are you have. E-commerce allows us to buy goods and services for the privacy of our own home or anywhere in the world with a computer and the Internet. We can buy goods from anywhere in the world. Can't find it locally? No problem. Then just order it online. But the world of online shopping is not just an incredible opportunity limited to shoppers. E-commerce is also an incredible opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting their own business.

Our ECX Go Live classes feature some of the best instructors in the world, who will guide you every step of the way, answer your questions and take you step by step with them as they find and test new products. The academy also includes two super bonus features, the pixel tracker and the ROAS calculator. The ROAS calculator helps you find your winning products and calculates for you. Then we have the pixel tracker. The pixel tracker retargets the product online and tracks your customers to their social media and online searches.

Have you ever been looking for a product and it followed you all over the Internet with ads showing the same product? Well, pixeltracker does that for you automatically. Now we offer another academy, another skill set and a new revenue stream to your life. Here at IM Mastery Academy , we believe in making it affordable for everyone.

You'll receive a free academy with pre-recorded videos, Go Live sessions and two bonus features. We also have apps you can purchase to run your store, automate your website setup and help you save hours a day managing your store. If you are new to IM Academy, please contact the person who sent you here and sign up for our ECX Academy. If you are a current IM Loyal Member, you can now go to the cart and add a ECX package. Get started today and welcome to ECX academy!

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What is TLX - Travel & Lifestyle Experience

welcome to TLX! In this video we highlight what TLX is, the benefits and discounts available and how customers can access it.

TLX stands for travel, lifestyle eXperience. It is an exclusive membership for travel and lifestyle discounts, events and benefits. Customers get discounts on travel up to 60% off best online rates, discounts at hotels, resorts, events, festivals, restaurants and more. In addition, customers get access to TLX-themed trips and events with IM teachers. Students have access to TLX-impact trips, ambassador content and anniversaryTLX trips that improve each year.

How to get access. After purchase, customers get instant access to the TLX hotel booking portal. Simply log in with your username and password from your IM academy to enjoy the savings TLX has to offer!

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What is SFX ACADEMY - Trading in stocks

In the SFX academy you learn to trade in the stock market. This includes individual stocks and ETFs that are exchange-traded funds.

In addition to stocks, you will also learn about the futures markets. If you are just getting started with futures, it is best to start with the Microfutures contracts if you are not yet ready for the mini or full contracts. With these micro-futures you can get away with minimal risk in these markets. You will see analyses of stock index futures, gold, silver, crude oil, currencies and many others. You can even trade soybeans and wheat.

What is SMX Academy - Learn social media like a pro

Want to learn how to build a real social presence and create authentic, truly compelling content? Perhaps expand your reach, be relevant and have the ultimate dream of engaging your audience?

What if you could learn to tell a story, tension, a connection, emotions, excitement and engagement becomes natural.

Learn how to make social channels work seamlessly. Make every post, video and photo count. Learn all this from the best great influencers with results that will amaze you. Imagine amazing great content that builds YOUR brand with a higher level of engagement.

Welcome to SMX academy, the all-new social media academy exclusively from IM Mastery Academy.™ what will you be?

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What is IMpowered - Pick 2 Academies

Have you heard of IMpowered Academy, the new and better way to customize and save on your favorite academies?

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose ANY two academies for $274.95 the first month. (190 PV)
  2. Qualifies for the new $25 quick-start bonus.
  3. After the first month, it is only $249.95 per month. (190 PV) Includes basic package strategies and scanners.
  4. Full goLIVE access from top teachers.
  5. Includes MMX free for 90 days.
  6. Mix and match stocks and crypto, travel and forex, or find the perfect combination to meet your needs.
  7. Get started today with your favorite academies
  8. Log in now!

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IM Mastery Academy Scanners

What is IMpulse Scanner

It is INCLUDED in. DCX-, FRX-, TBX-, TBX Academies and IMpowered Pack
Now even more VALUE INCLUDED for what you pay!

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What is IBO compensation plan!

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